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Conference Announcements and FAQ


  Session Selection

  Please log into your account at your earliest convenience, check that your Focal Sessions are selected, and make sure you have selected the Focal Sessions you would like to attend. It is essential to pre-select these sessions so we have an accurate count of participants for room assignments. Please attend only the sessions you have registered for. To ask whether you can change sessions during the conference, please see Dr. Linda Elder or Dr. Gerald Nosich in advance.


  Campus Arrival Instructions

Delegates will be arriving on different days and at different times. Please read the details below and follow the instructions based on your arrival time.

Sunday, July 30 arrivals: Please enter campus from the south entrance off of E. Cotati Ave. When you arrive on-campus, turn right onto East Redwood Dr. Please park in Lot F. FCT staff will be checking in participants from 1-6 p.m. under a canopy next to Beaujolais Village. (Please refer to the attached map). If you have a vehicle and require a parking pass, please request one while checking in.

If you will be arriving after 6 p.m. you can obtain your check-in information from the Cellars Desk, located next to the Cooperage (marked on the map also). The Cellars Desk phone number is (707) 664-3347.

Day delegates: When you arrive on campus, turn left onto West Redwood Drive. Follow it around the curve and park in Lot D on the right. Please request your parking pass from FCT staff at the conference registration table.

Conference registration will be held Monday, July 31 from 7:30-8:40 a.m. on the 3rd floor of the Student Center.


  Information Packet

  At the on-site registration you will receive a packet of all relevant information, a tote bag, a complete set of the Thinker’s Guide Library , and a copy of the conference Program & Proceedings . You will receive a campus map, a Sonoma County Visitor's Guide , and general information about the Foundation for Critical Thinking. Please take the time to review the packet when you receive it, as it will contain much valuable information. Bring all materials to the Keynote Address. Bring all Thinker’s Guides to all conference sessions.


  Publications and Materials for Sale

  We will have several of our materials and publications available for purchase at the Sales and Information area, which can be found in the Sonoma Valley Room on the 2 nd Floor of the Student Center.



1. What airport should I fly into?

Both San Francisco International (SFO) and Oakland International Airports serve the Bay Area. There is also a small airport with limited flights in Santa Rosa.

For airport information, please see these links:


2. How do I get to Sonoma State University?

There is a shuttle service that runs from the above airports to the DoubleTree Hotel in Rohnert Park, which is approximately 10 minutes from campus. From the hotel, you can take a taxi or rent a vehicle at the Budget Car Rental facility.


3. Is it possible to stay off-campus?

Due to our agreement with the university, there is extremely limited space for delegates who wish to stay off-campus. Please contact Rachael Collins at to inquire about off-campus lodging availability.


4. Can I bring a guest to stay with me on campus?

If you would like to bring someone with you who will not be attending the conference and is over age 12, the campus requires such a person to purchase his or her own room. The cost of the room with three meals per day (without conference participation) is $750. Please contact Rachael Collins at for more details.


5. What should I wear?

Attendees generally dress casually – they wear everything from jeans and sweatshirts to "business casual attire." You will be in air-conditioned rooms, and sitting at tables during sessions, so you will want to be as comfortable as possible. Also bring shoes you can walk comfortably in, as there are restaurants and shops about 1/2 mile away. The weather could be cool (50s-60s) or warm (80s-90s), so be sure to check the weather forecast for Rohnert Park, California online before you come.


6. Can I purchase the PowerPoint presentations?

Yes. There will be two CDs available at the conference. Each will be available at our Sales and Information area for $20.


7. Can I get a list of all conference participants? 

We design conference sessions so that participants frequently work with others in pairs and small groups. This enables those interested in establishing personal contacts at the workshop to exchange information.


8. How do the Concurrent Sessions work? 

All Concurrent Sessions will be held on Thursday morning. Please read the Concurrent Sessions Program, which you will receive in your packet, to decide which sessions seem most relevant to your work and life. 


9. Can I get academic credit for participating in the conference? 

Yes. Registration forms for academic credit will be available at the conference, along with descriptions of the assignment to be completed for credit. Participants who sign up for academic credit will submit a written assignment to the Foundation for Critical Thinking at the end of the semester following the conference that must be approved by a Foundation for Critical Thinking Fellow. In the assignment, participants will demonstrate application of concepts learned at the conference, either in the classroom or in some other professional capacity. The structure for this assignment will be provided at the conference.


10. What is the closing session? 

This is a time for all delegates to come together on the last day and process what they have learned at the conference, and to think about the next steps for moving forward. Senior Fellows Dr. Linda Elder and Dr. Gerald Nosich will lead this session. 


11. Does the Foundation for Critical Thinking offer on-site or remote professional development programs in critical thinking? 

Yes, both. You will receive a basic proposal regarding professional development in your registration packet, which explains our professional development programs. That information is also available on our website at this link: .

To communicate with us about our professional development programs, email Rachael Collins at .


12. How can I establish an official affiliation with the Foundation for Critical Thinking? 

We are now offering certification in the Paul-Elder approach. See details at this link:


13. How can I gain access to a library of articles on critical thinking? 

There is an online library on our website, which includes numerous articles:  


14. How can I get information on critical-thinking assessment

Information is available on our website regarding tests and other assessment tools: .

Also, you will receive two Thinker's Guides on assessment during on-site registration – Critical Thinking Competency Standards and Critical Thinking Reading and Writing Test


15. What is your policy on canceling my registration? 

Please see the section titled, "Conference Registration Cancellation Policy" on our Registration & Fees page: .