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Thank You to Our Donors

41st Annual International Conference on Critical Thinking

A Special Thank-You to Our Donors


Since our first fund drive began in 2017, we have traditionally used our annual conference program to honor those whose generous gifts in the preceding year helped us to continue our important work toward advancing fairminded critical thinking.

Because we did not publish our usual program for last year's conference (which was unexpectedly pushed online by the COVID-19 pandemic), we now owe our gratitude to two years' worth of contributors. Below, you will find a list of donors who offered their support of our work – either in time or resources – from March 4th, 2019 through June 15th, 2021.


Friends of the Foundation for Critical Thinking

Evgenii N. Volkov
Luis A Mendoza Calva
Brian Lin
Stephen Crowley
Marherna Heryaeni
Mark Warren
William Goldby
Jeremy White
William David Yates
Johnny Cain
Reggie Alford
Mary J. Camp
Glenna Decker
Harry Taylor
Bridget Johnson
Vicki Hale
Elisabeth Gambrell
Gail Spake
Lauren Morgan
Ronnie Littles
David Chester
Marie A Townsend
Hayley Hughes
Griselda Chapa
Ho Seok Lay
Patrick Davis
Ray D Harrison
Timothy Bowers
Srinivasan Balasubramanian
Sonhui Baker
Christine Prichard
R. Alford
Angie Montemayor
Mario Alejandro Becerril
Thomas Lacombe
Kenneth Broderick
Shawn Wearing
Nancy Van Erp
Joy Rosser-Wright
Donald Molde
Jane Darcey
Eugenia Moreno
Viola Olsen
Suresh Patel
Marshall Haley
Lauren Sinclair Morse
Lyman Grover
Renee Celestine
Susan C Allen
Ronda Hanning
LaTrice Curtis-Istance
Alexander Kibara
Terry Clark
Peter Campagnolo
Gia Kuek
Christine Cummings
Shepard Hurwitz
Ronald Kan
Jenny Julies
Patricia M Jones
Tamara Thompson
F. Irene Waggoner
Devon Ryan
Cabinet Dentaire Arkadya
Theo Prodromitis
Daniel Gebremeskel
Glenn Wing
Miguel Angel Pérez Martínez
JoAnn M. Edwards
Tomas Goridkov
Joseph Liberto
Jeff S Keller
Ellen Steens
Deborah Richert
Tim Popovich
Emily Marie Parfait
Paul E. Little
Jill Browne
Donald Searles
Ana A Wedwick
Sally Myer


Scholars Circle

In two years, Dale Full has been the only person to contribute at this level. Mr. Full has our sincerest thanks for his extraordinary generosity.


Gifts in Kind

Thank you to Kevin Holmes for volunteering to help us throughout the first half of 2021 (so far). Mr. Holmes has gone out of his way to offer his valuable expertise at a time when it was much needed.

And last, but not least: to Kathy Abney, loyal friend and steadfast contributor to the critical thinking movement for many years, you have our heartfelt gratitude. Your talents have made the highly improbable a reality – many, many times.



To add your name to next year's list . . .

Click here to donate to the Foundation for Critical Thinking and contribute to the development of fairminded critical societies . We also welcome in-kind gifts (email Dr. Linda Elder at in marketing, web design or web maintenance, and other volunteer capacities. We are profoundly grateful for all of your help.