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38th Conference FAQ & Announcements

Conference Announcements

1. Focal Session Selection

Please log into your account at your earliest convenience, check that your Focal Sessions are selected, and make sure you have selected the Focal Sessions you would like to attend. It is essential to pre-select these sessions so we have an accurate count of participants for room assignments. While at the conference, please attend only the sessions you have registered for. To ask whether you can change sessions during the conference, please see Dr. Linda Elder or Dr. Gerald Nosich in advance.

2. Checking in at the Conference - Monday Morning

The conference check-in period will be from 7:50 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. in the Ballroom Foyer, where your materials will be ready for you. Simply provide your name, and you will be given everything you need, as well as a brief explanation of the contents of your packet.

If you are not able to make it to the check-in area before 9:00 a.m., you can proceed to the Opening Ceremony and Keynote in the Salon IV room. Then, during the first break, you can obtain your materials from the Sales and Information area in the Salon I room.

3. Materials You Will Receive at Check-In

When checking in at the conference, you will receive a packet of all relevant information, the publications you'll be using during your sessions, a physical copy of the Conference Program and Proceedings, a pen and notepad, and a tote bag to carry everything in. In your packet, you will find an area map, information about the conference, the Focal Sessions for which you are registered and the rooms in which they take place, and general information about the Foundation for Critical Thinking. Please take time to review the packet when you receive it , as it will contain much valuable information.

4. Payment

All registration fees should be received by us prior to the conference. Anyone attempting to pay at the door will need special permission to do this from us in advance. A signed purchase order from qualifying institutions (e.g. accredited schools, military or government offices, etc.) is an acceptable substitute for pre-payment, as long as we receive the P.O. before the conference.

5. Refreshments

Coffee, tea, and fresh water will be available during breaks in the Salon I room. Water will also be provided in all meeting rooms throughout each day. Participants may bring their own snacks as they wish.

6. Sales and Information Area

The Sales and Information Area will be located in the Salon I room, starting at the first break on Monday morning. During breaks, lunch, and for one hour after each day's sessions, this area will be open for conference attendees to ask questions or request assistance. A number of our materials and publications will also be available for sale here. Please note that FCT staff will not be available to fulfill unreasonable requests, such as running errands on behalf of attendees. Please also note that hotel-related issues, such as concerns about your hotel room, should be raised with hotel staff; FCT staff will not be able to assist with hotel-related issues.

The Sales and Information Area will close at 1:00 p.m. on Friday.

7. Lunch

Attendees will be on their own for lunch. There is a restaurant at the hotel with locally-grown and raised meal options, as well as room service. There are also several eateries within walking distance of the hotel, including Mary's Pizza Shack and Bear Republic Brewing Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What airport should I fly into?
Both San Francisco International (SFO) and Oakland International Airports serve the Bay Area. There is also a small airport with limited flights in Santa Rosa (the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport).

For airport information, including ground transportation options, please see these links:

2. How can I get to the hotel from the airport?
There is an affordable shuttle service, the Sonoma County Airport Express, that runs from the above airports to the DoubleTree Hotel in the city of Rohnert Park.

If you prefer to rent a car, all of the above airports have car rental services available. There are also car rental services available in the city of Rohnert Park. For directions to the hotel from the above airports, click here.

3. What should I wear?
Attendees generally dress casually – everything from jeans and t-shirts to 'business casual.' You will be in air conditioned rooms and sitting a lot, so we recommend dressing to be as comfortable as possible. You may wish to bring shoes you can walk in, as there are restaurants and shops nearby. Summer weather in Rohnert Park tends to be hot in the daytime and chilled at night, but be sure to check the weather forecast  before you come.

4. Where else can I stay besides the DoubleTree Hotel?
We encourage attendees to stay at the DoubleTree if possible for ease and convenience, and for access to our room block's discounted rates. However, if you choose to look elsewhere, we suggest you use an internet search engine or websites like You will need to be sure that you can get to the DoubleTree via taxi, car, or other transportation each day in time for sessions.

5. Can I purchase the PowerPoint presentations?
Yes. There will be two CD's available for purchase in our Sales and Information Area.

6. Can I have a list of all conference participants?
We design workshop sessions so that participants frequently work with others in pairs and small groups. This enables those interested in establishing personal contacts at the conference to exchange contact information.

7. How do the Concurrent Sessions work?
All Concurrent Sessions will be held on Thursday morning and afternoon. For each Concurrent time slot, there will be several sessions to choose from. Information about each Concurrent Session will be available in the Conference Program and Proceedings , which you will receive when you check in on the first day. Please review these descriptions so you can attend those Concurrent Sessions most relevant to you.

8. How can I get academic credit for participation in the conference?
Academic credit will be available to attendees willing to complete an extra assignment after the conference. Details will be posted on this website once they are available.

9. What is the closing session?
This is a time for all registrants to come together on the last day, to process what you have learned at the conference, and to think about next steps for moving forward. This session will be led by Drs. Linda Elder and Gerald Nosich.

10. Does the Foundation for Critical Thinking offer on-site or remote professional development programs in critical thinking?
Yes, both. You will receive a basic proposal regarding professional development in your registration packet, which explains our programs. Information is also available on our website here .

To communicate with us about our professional development programs, please email Ms. Rachael Collins at .

11. How can my institution overcome the financial burden of a professional development program in critical thinking?
The Foundation for Critical Thinking is currently seeking partnerships with schools and school districts to provide professional development workshops at NO COST. To fund this endeavor, we are looking for financial sponsors through grants. Please contact us if your school or school district is interested so, together, we can locate and apply for various grants. The Foundation for Critical Thinking will write the grant, working with your institution. If interested, please email: .

12. How can I establish an official affiliation with the Foundation for Critical Thinking?
We now offer certification in the Paul-Elder Framework for Critical Thinking. You can read about this here .

13. How can I gain access to a library of articles on critical thinking?
Our website features an Online Library with many articles.

14. How can I get information on assessment regarding critical thinking?
Information is available here regarding tests and assessment.

Also, you will receive two Thinker's Guides on assessment during on-site registration –  Critical Thinking Competency Standards and Critical Thinking Reading and Writing Test .

15. What is your policy on canceling my registration?
Please see the policy description on this page.

15. Why are the sessions being videotaped?
Many of the workshop sessions are videotaped for the following reasons: (1) to
permanently document the sessions for the Foundation for Critical Thinking
archives, (2) to create video footage from the sessions for our website, and (3)
to provide video clips for educational purposes.